Happy 51st Birthday, Axl Rose!

axl cowboy hat

axl helicopter




8 thoughts on “Happy 51st Birthday, Axl Rose!

  1. Cool Pics, thanks for posting!

    • grenouille78 says:

      Thanks! I thought those were fun. The kiddie copter always cracks me up!

      Haven’t had a chance to watch your video yet (had to get ready for our own party haha), but I will tomorrow! Looking forward to it; it sounds like it was a great time!

  2. Susana Canales says:

    Ya know what I’ve been seriously curious about? I don’t think I’m the only one who noticed but he never seems to show his right arm anymore and I wonder if he still has that tattoo or not on his forearm. Lol in the more recent pictures of him. I should look at that… I plan to wish him happy birthday this year 🙂

  3. Susana Canales says:

    Madam, I swear…..you have all the answers! XD If i could hug you, I would!

    That’s so sweet! You guys are amazing! He needs to know about fans like you! Gosh, he better! Can i ask where you send it to? I might send him one this year 🙂 It’s almost his birthday anyway. 52! My mom will be 52 in april :3

    • grenouille78 says:

      lol You’re cracking me up! We send him cards through his fan mail address: Axl Rose, Black Frog Touring, Inc. LL Business Management 5900 Canoga Avenue Suite 410, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA. Whether he ever personally sees them or not…? Who knows. But the gesture is there! Yes, his birthday is coming up quick and my kids have already started pestering me about this year’s festivities. lol

      • Susana.I.C says:

        *bows* Yes, Thank you. I have been known to bust a gut or two 😛 It’s in my jeans (wink wink, ah puns!)

        Thank you 🙂 I’ll be sending one soon. Might arrive a little after his birthday but oh well x) It’s the thought that counts. Maybe i can draw a rose on the envelope to make it stand out? Haha. Yeah, I’ve been wondering that myself. I heard Kurt of Nirvana used to stay up late to answer fan mail. It was sweet. Lol Awww :3 those are some true fans right there. What have you guys done before?

      • grenouille78 says:

        Man, I got way behind on replies, didn’t I? I’m sorry! For his party we crank up the music, sing along, decorate the house a bit, and have pizza and cake. We sing Happy Birthday to Axl and then make some birthday wishes for him. 🙂 This year, my little guy was sad that Axl was not joining us, so we all dressed up in black and bandanas. 😀

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